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Welcome to the UROCK! Productions Musician's Resource Center, Think Tank, Play Pen & Lifetime University

If you want to learn more about the rapidly changing music industry, how to market your band or connect with other musicians, you will find useful information here. And please join us at our new main site here at:

UROCK! Musically Gifted


What You'll Find Here

We hope you have some time to explore, but if you just can't wait to dive right in, please check out these pages from the links above according to your interests:

  • Recording: All about recording your music, learning about software, equipment, effects and building a home studio.
  • Music Biz: For everything happening in the music industry, from navigating the legalities of copyrighting and distribution to strategies to promote your band. The latest news and lots of tips from industry experts.
  • Songwriting: Tips and techniques, inspiration resources, publishing practices, seminars and contests.
  • Guitar: You guessed it!
  • Music News: New technology and equipment, current events, debates on issues, changes in attitudes and the industry, and additional stuff I couldn't fit in on other pages.
  • Links: Links to music industry organizations, recording studios and other great learning resources.
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